Standing in Your Belief

Around 15% of people who enrol in doTERRA decide to share and or do the business. 1% of people who enrol make it to the leadership ranks of Silver and above. Only 15% of leaders make it to Diamond.

I am someone who wants to see everyone who wants Diamond achieve it, and it is rare to find a Silver or above who does not want Diamond.

So the question I’d like to explore is why do 85% of leaders, who have shown they know how to get to Silver fail to recreate 4 other Silvers to create Diamond?

There are lots of things required to move through the levels, but most of them can be learned.

On the weekend I said to a room of about 7 people showing up to either share or build at a business class, “I believe every one of you in this room has the capacity to become a Diamond”. I meant it. Later one of the people present honestly and courageously shared with me that her inner talk was “Yeah Right! Not me”.

Here is the root of not getting to Diamond! It is belief.

To succeed this business requires you to reside in and act from your belief full time. Most people who get to Silver do have belief in the product, and in the company. We are exceptionally fortunate with doTERRA to have such a worthy cause.

The challenge comes when we step out into the world. In the world our belief is tested. We come up against other people that are new to doTERRA, that might have had some bad experiences with Multi Level Marketing, or who just have other life priorities and are protective of their time. These people tell us “No”. “No, I won’t come to your class”. “No, I am not interested in the Loyalty Rewards Program”.

This is where the question arises, whilst we have belief, do we live there, do we act from there, can we stand in our belief in the face of a negative response?

Let me give an example. My beautiful wife Pj and I are in Adelaide and I had reached out to an old class mate from a 15 week course I did with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and invited her to a class through Linked In. I got a response, and in short saying she is five months pregnant, and hectic running her business and preparing for her baby. In short a ‘No’. I reflected for a moment on ‘where to from here’. I asked myself what my knowing and belief was about offering her a chance to change her life. The answer was that I knew the oils would help her with the stress, with the focus, with the pregnancy, and very soon with her baby, and life for herself and her partner post baby. I sat in my belief, and at the risk of annoying her by not accepting her No, I replied from my belief as follows:

“Thanks for letting me know <Name>, and congratulations on the bub! Life sounds busy!
I’m going to be bold here, because my knowing in this space is very strong, and because my job nowdays is to serve people, not be shy with what I know.

If life is hectic for you and if you are dealing with that level of stress and pregnancy we have essential oils that can rock your world, and I exaggerate not even a little bit.
If you were open to hearing about how they can sharpen your saw and help you as a woman coping with a lot, I could also offer a coffee catch up at your convenience.

My promise to you would be that you would thank me for persisting.

I don’t do what I do to make sales, I do what I do to serve and change lives. I’d love to positively impact yours and those of your family.

Consciously…..Ura 🙂 “

It’s only a couple of hours ago I sent the message, and it may get another no, or she may not reply. But I have spent time in my belief and have made my choices from that place, and I have positioned myself for success, by choosing from and acting from my belief. That is what gets you to Diamond, actually taking your belief out, and using it. If you have belief, but if you aren’t going to use it when you get a No, then you will not fulfil your vision to get to Diamond.

I invite you not to allow people who don’t know what you know to bump you out of your belief.

The people we are sharing with probably don’t yet have belief in doTERRA, in Essential Oils for Wellness, or in the business that we are engaged in. Our job is to share with them our belief, because they won’t get it from anywhere else, except perhaps another wellness advocate months later who does stand firmly in their belief if we’ve failed to.

For many of us fear comes up around pushing through a “No”. Let me give you a reason to push through. If you accept their “No”, they might well tell themselves a story that goes “Bloody Ura, he’s sold out to a bloody MLM company, and he was just using our friendship to try to make money from me”. That tends to be a fear that stops us even reaching out to many on our list of friends in the early days. Now you’ve conquered the fear and reached out you have two choices.

(1) You can leave them having had to say no to you leaving an uncomfortable energy between you.

(2) You can communicate with heart, name any elephants in the room, be authentic, and share your belief. Let them feel your integrity, show them you are determined to act in service to them, and are not going to be shut down with blocking type answers.

My friend’s response was what I consider to be a shield people throw up to shut down communication about something they don’t understand, and don’t have enough belief in to prioritise. Allowing someone to shut down communication does not serve me, or them, and if I sit in my belief, including my belief in myself, I deserve better.

So here is my question to you. Are you prepared to sit in your belief at all times, to act from your belief, to make choices from your place of belief, and to allow your belief to serve your friend, who you care about, and who needs you to lend them your belief. In moments of fear if you get bumped out of your belief, will you come back to it, and sit in it and reflect on ‘What would my belief do?’.

If you want to be in the 15% of leaders or 0.15% of builders who get to Diamond, it is living your belief that will get you there.

Ura P Auckland
Diamond Leader, Writer &
Authentic Essential Oils Entrepreneur
Eart Spirit Pathways


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