Rank Tracker Spreadsheets

At the 2018 doTERRA Leadership Event on the Gold Coast I committed to make available some of the Rank Tracker Spreadsheets that I use.

These are really useful tools for tracking the gap between where you are at a point in the month and where you need to be to attain rank.

These are the ones I have developed:

2018-07-23 Rank Tracker Spreadsheet – Uras Version

Paul Ovens has been using this set:

2018-07-23 Rank Tracker – Paul Ovens Version

Each Tab has a Rank Tracker for a different rank or set of ranks.

My Gold, Platinum and Diamond tracker is all on one sheet and lets you track all those ranks within one structure, and deals with having more than the number of legs you need and picking the top 2 or top 3 as necessary.


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