Bring a Friend – Avoid Islands of Volume

I’d like to coin a phrase and promote an important idea.

There is an aspect of tap-rooting and placement that has some learning for me.

Let me first explain tap-rooting. It is where we place a leader we are enrolling personally somewhere other than our front row.

Sometimes we will do it because one of our ranking leaders needs help building their tree and achieving volume to rank. Sometimes we will do it for insurance, so that god forbid if our ranking leader gets hit by a bus or moves to Tibet to become a Monk, we have a second person in that leg we can rank off. That’s tap rooting, and Pj and I gave done a lot of it.

The awesome news is that tap rooting has great effects. The leaders we tap root under are inspired and can feel the vision unfold, the users we tap root under start to rank to Elite and make enough to get their oils for free. Many of those may not have been on LRP till now, and start to wake up and put in 100 point LRPs, which adds even more volume.

Amidst all this though, there is a learning. That learning is that we should get everyone to ‘Bring a Friend’, and especially if they are people who have an interest to build or share themselves later on.


By this I mean, when you have someone enrol, who you intend to build under, suggest that they personally enrol at least one friend or relative close to them.

The reason is that we can end up with islands of volume that are not contributing to rank as well as they could.

If we have just put one of our personal enrolments (lets call her Melissa) as a builder on the front line of someone (lets call her Ginger) in a leg of our tree, when Melissa is successful and starts generating maybe 5,000+ OV, that flows up-line to Ginger. The good news is Ginger goes Elite and can make back the cost of her oils, or even a nice bit of extra income of perhaps $500 per month.

Now Ginger might say, I didn’t realise how abundant this business is, plus I love the oils, they’ve changed my life, so now I want to build.

Ginger is Elite and her next step is Premier, where she will need two personally enrolled Executives (2,000 OV each) and 5,000 OV in total.

If Ginger had enrolled a friend (lets call her Peppermint Patty) and if Melissa had been placed on Peppermint Patty’s front line, now Ginger would only have one leg to build as she could rank on Peppermint Patty who is her personal enrolment.

We are seeing the waking up effects of tap rooting all through our tree. With hindsight, there are lots of places I wish we had encouraged those who express a slight interest in the business, to at least bring one friend in as a personal enrolment.

Not only does ‘Bring a Friend’ help you to help your friend to a higher rank, it gives you a conversation to have with every one of your enrolments and potentially double them.

Ultimately enrolments have to go on someone’s front line. My counsel though is to at least encourage people significant to you, or who identify as builders or sharers at some point in the future to ‘Bring a Friend’ so that you can help them rank beyond Elite without wasting the tap rooted volume.

If anyone needs any clarification on this drop your questions in below. Get your head around it, then go back to your enrollees for the last year and start supporting them to Bring a Friend so that you can help them even more with abundance.

Ura P Auckland
Diamond Leader – doTERRA, Writer &
Authentic Essential Oil Entrepreneur
Earth Spirit Pathways

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