Busting the Top Ten Myths holding you back from saying “Yes” to changing your life in Direct Sales.

Have you ever been approached by a good friend, or seen a post on social media from someone inviting you to use the products or consider the business opportunity in a Direct Sales business?

Have you felt a call, felt truth in their words, but held back because of the perception that ‘everyone knows Direct Selling is bad’? Especially so if the other terms to describe Direct Selling are used, like Network Marketing or, worse ‘Multi Level Marketing’ (MLM). This last name tends to strike fear into peoples hearts, because apparently levels can be scary, even though they exist in every aspect of life from corporations to the pantry.

I’d like to help bust some of these myths that create an irrational reaction to an offer from someone you know and trust, so that you feel more confident to reach out to that friend and follow your intuitive feeling that they seem pretty genuine in their passion.


Who Am I to Offer an Opinion?

My background is as a Chief Financial Officer in entrepreneurial high growth companies mainly in the medical and scientific arena. I walked away from that space about nine years ago, and have been on something of an inner journey ever since.

My passion in the world is Stewardship and helping humanity awaken to the fact that power is theirs to claim, and that we can take this planet back from the out of control corporate/capitalist machine by finding ways to do business ethically, creating abundance for all people, and leaving the planet a better place than we found it.

My wife founded a business in Direct Sales around three and a half years ago with an extraordinary company called dōTERRA which was built on the mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. She didn’t join for the business, she joined when a dear friend shared the oils with her. Six months later after she had an experience that literally blew her away with their efficacy, she decided she wanted to join the mission of sharing them with the world.

“The world needs to know about these!”, she said.

After walking away from the Corporate space I had been working on finding ways to bring more integrity to the way business is done in this world. Well a few months in to my wife’s journey with dōTERRA, I started to learn that they (dōTERRA) were in fact exactly what I had been trying to create in the world. They are in my opinion the most integrous, congruent, and caring large corporation on the face of the planet managed under the stewardship of seven extraordinary souls on a mission to make a difference in the world.

When I found that they were everything I believed in, I joined my wife in the business, initially part time, and after her 9th month doing the business, I joined her full time.

Since that time we have succeeded in the business and currently hold the second highest of 12 ranks, and are building towards achieving the top rank in the next 3 months.

Myth 1 – My Friends Will Hate Me

The Myth

This is one of the biggest ones. The myth is that to be in a a Direct Sales business you have to annoy your friends, pepper them with messages, and sell them things they don’t need.

The Truth

This myth comes from a time of less consciousness when racism was common, sexism was common, and the level of awareness in some areas just weren’t always respectful. In those times some of the MLM businesses and some of the people in them used tactics that gave the industry a bad name. They were pushy, inauthentic, and a nuisance. At that time this wasn’t a myth, but today it is. There’s still a little of it around, but it isn’t how professional people in Direct Sales work.

The same as most people have a job, we have a business. We still spend time with friends socially in exactly the way we used to, except when we are sharing with one another what is going on in our lives, while you share about your job, we share about where or business has been taking us or whats going on with it, our hopes and dreams.

For my wife and I we allow those conversations to go where the energy takes them. If the conversation moves on, then it moves on and we talk about all the other things friends talk about when they catch up.

Often enough though, there is interest in what we do, because people feel our passion when we share about it, and the products are not “me too” kind of products, they are products that make a difference in people’s lives, which is what brought PJ into the business in the first place.

Direct Sales can be done very respectfully, and that is how the industry, and especially dōTERRA train new people. The truth is you never disrespect your friends, and those who have joined dōTERRA with us are over the moon about having the products making a massive difference in their life.

Myth 2 – It’s a Pyramid Scheme

The Myth

This one is a complete misconception. The myth is that all Direct Sales businesses are Pyramid Schemes, and especially if someone calls them an MLM, coz they’ve got levels, and levels must be scary.

The Truth

Firstly a Pyramid Scheme is illegal, and is something with no product. They are financial schemes where people send money up the chain, and do not get anything in return. Their return must come from recruiting more people who come in under them and send money up the chain. Here’s a link that describes five famous examples.

So a Direct Sales company is not a Pyramid Scheme unless large sums of cash are paid to join that have no relationship to the cost of products, and people are paid for recruitment, rather than product sales.

Ultimately you just need to do a simple sense check on the business model. A Pyramid Scheme is a business model that must break down because it relies on people paying money for nothing, so when a supply of gullible people breaks down, so too does the scheme, and the promoters flee to a tropical country with no extradition agreements, or if the authorities are quick enough they head to jail.

If a Network Marketing company uses the word of mouth, person to person recommendations model, to distribute a truly great product, with a unique selling proposition, or value add, and if the margins it pays out to it’s distributors are normal commercial margins, then you have a business model that can sustain as long as any business, so long as it is keeping up with market demands. Fundamentally you have a product, a distributor taking a margin, and a consumer paying a fair price.

Whether businesses are referred to as Direct Sales, Network Marketing, or MLMs that is not equal to Pyramid Scheme.

Myth 3 – The People at the top make all the money

The Myth

That the tree like shape of a Direct Sales Tree sends all of the money to the top, and that only if you are at the top of the tree do you make any money.

The Truth

Every Direct Sales company has it’s own compensation plan. A true Direct Sales company with a sound business model, like dōTERRA, rewards product sales, strong leadership, and being effective at finding and developing other leaders who are effective at developing and educating people to be effective at sharing products to create sales.

I have experience in dōTERRA, so I can speak to it’s plan. In dōTERRA there are four elements to compensation.

  • Fast Start -A Commission on a new Member’s Purchases in their first 60 days paying 20% to the Enroller, 10% to the Enroller’s Enroller, and 5 % to the Enroller’s Enrollers Enroller. That is 35% in total.
  • Unilevel – A 7 level commission plan on Member’s Purchases after their first 60 days in the tree under you where you and other people have been placed people as they enrol. L1 is 2%, L2 is 3%, L3 is 5%, L4 is 5%, L5 is 6%, L6 is 6%, and L7 is 7%. The first six rank advancements from entry level where your entitlement is to L1, through to Silver where you are entitled to all seven level, each get you an extra level. Rank advancements are about Volume (Product Sales), and having other personally enrolled people who are creating volume, and the higher ranks are about replicating that. The whole thing pays out on product sales that you’ve had a big hand in creating. The total of the 7 levels of payment is 34%.
  • Power of Three (Po3) – A Commission that rewards a structure of three people on your front line holding 100 point orders (roughly $USD 100), and all of you in total 600 points (Including volume from others who might be on your front line) with a $US 50 payment monthly, or if that can be replicated by those 3 people as well on your second level a $USD 250 Payment), or if that can be replicated on the third level a $US 1,500 payment monthly. The $US 50 is 8.3% of the volume of 600 points it pays out on. Even a first level Po3 is paid out infrequently, and level 2 and 3 payments are only usually earned at high ranks where there are enough people to create the structure. I would hazard a guess that Power of Three payments would represent between 3% to 5% of dōTERRA’s revenue. Once again though it is focused on product revenue.
  • Performance Pools – These are pools set aside from Product Revenue and shared with the people at particular ranks. Once again, ranks are a measure of success in creating product sales, and attracting and developing others who are effective at sharing products and in turn attracting and developing people.
    • 1% of global volume goes to a pool shared among those who hit the paid rank of Premier or Silver in a month and requires a validation that they are still active by having enrolled one person in the month.
    • 2% of global volume is shared from a pool to paid rank Silvers, Golds, and Platinums who get 1 share in it, 5 shares, and 10 shares respectively, and who get an additional share if one of their personally enrolled people ranks to Elite for the first time that month.
    • 1% of global volume is shared from a pool to paid rank Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, and Presidential Diamond who each get one share, and get an additional share if one of their personally enrolled people ranks to Premier for the first time that month.
    • 1% of global volume is shared from a pool to paid rank Diamonds who each get three shares, and get an additional share if one of their personally enrolled people ranks to Premier for the first time that month.
    • 1% of global volume is shared from a pool to paid rank Blue Diamonds who each get three shares, and get an additional share if one of their personally enrolled people ranks to Premier for the first time that month.
    • 1% of global volume is shared from a pool to paid rank Presidential Diamonds who each get three shares, and get an additional share if one of their personally enrolled people ranks to Silver for the first time that month.

The total percentage of revenue represented by the performance pools is 7%, and once again is product revenue based, and paid to people who have worked hard to create sales, and develop and inspire a large organisation of effective people, and educated their customers to engage them with the products and lifestyle.

So that is how you earn money in dōTERRA. 35% or 34% is paid out on Fast Start or Unilevel depending on whether it is volume from customers in their first 60 days, or subsequent, plus Po3 that I am estimating at 3 to 5% of revenue, plus 7% paid out in performance pools. So in total it’s in a range from 44% to 47% of revenue, which is actually lower than the normal margins in a Manufacturer to Distributor, to Retailer model where the margins vary a lot between industries, but in fairly equivalent industries would give a Distributor 30% to 50%, and a Retailer a 20 to 40% markup.

Clearly all forms of payment were driven on sales volume and went to people who had worked hard attracting, and developing leaders and educating their customers. No-one is sitting on monthly cheques that they have not worked hard for. People who have not engaged with developing leaders can not rank beyond Elite and can earn hundreds of dollars a month on a huge tree under them, but their earnings are rightfully capped.

There are no people at the top of the tree taking huge payments they have not earned, and anyone who decides to consistently work hard and develop the leadership and business skills necessary can reach the highest ranks.

Do the people at the top ranks in Direct Sales make money that outperforms the average salary, absolutely they do, they earn life changing money, but they also go through a lead-in period where they are not earning a lot, and getting to the top rank will normally be a journey of 3 to 5 years. By Presidential you will have successfully built a tree spanning six legs and will have developed therefore 6 Platinum Leaders who between them have developed 18 Silver Leaders, who each have created 3 Elites (which is 3,000 volume), so there are 54 Elites across the bottom of a Presidential Diamond Tree, for a theoretical minimum volume of 164,500 per month, though in practice it will be no less than double or triple that the first time you hit the rank and growing from there. A Presidential Diamond has typically created a tree of at least 8,000 people, which in time grows to tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.

For those wanting to understand more, here is dōTERRA’s Compensation Plan flyer and their annual Opportunity & Earnings Disclosure document.

Myth 4 – You lose money, so that 1% can make money

The Myth

The myth is that the ordinary person puts their money in and gets taken advantage of by people who get into the top 1% bracket.

The Truth

Firstly a genuine MLM company like dōTERRA is product focused, and I can tell you that in dōTERRA you get life changing products that can support you to transform your wellbeing in ways you have to experience to understand. My wife PJ and I see situations that bring us to tears of joy and gratitude every week. So when people enrol they get amazing products for their dollar invested. 70% of all dōTERRA Members are simply consumers in dōTERRA and have no interest in the business, they just love the products, and because they are good products dōTERRA still has 70% of their customers still buying products in their 5th year, while the industry average is around 10 to 15%. That’s a measure of a truly great product company.

On the product front I will debate anyone that if you are using the range of dōTERRA products it will actually be saving you at least the same amount of money in other parts of your household budget. So there actually is no investment you weren’t already spending elsewhere.

It is only in an actual Pyramid Scheme where you pay out money and don’t get fair value for it.

Let’s look now at people who decide to do the business. Those of us who are effective leaders in the business devote our life to supporting everyone who comes in the door of our business to learn the ropes. We and the company have created mounds of resources that are success materials, there are videos, there are weekly Zoom Calls, and in dōTERRA there are very few of these resources that actually cost you money, mainly printing cost recovery, and costs for events you choose to attend which are usually subsidised.

If you apply yourself, you cannot fail. You can fall over, but if you pick yourself up and ask for help, and read, and learn, and face your blocks, you will ultimately achieve a leadership rank of some sort.

The Disclosure Document tells us that 24% of dōTERRA members are genuine builders, and that 1% of members make it to the leadership ranks in dōTERRA of Silver and above. These leaders do not get there by accident, and have not perpetrated anything upon those who have not yet reached a leadership rank other than support, education and mentoring.

The truth is that many of the 24% do not want to build full-time or become a leader, and many sadly have grown up in environments that have not taught them to believe in themselves to even try to reach higher ranks. Many are happy to make some commissions from sharing their oils so they can get their oils for free.

The main stream media like to find villains and victims, and this myth is based in that dynamic. Anyone who sets out to succeed in this business can only be a victim at the hands of their beliefs, their fears, their blocks, or a lack of tenacity to stay at it and overcome all of those things. There is no villain, other those who failed to support that individual to develop a healthy adult self-responsible mindset through their early life.

Even starting out in this business with all of those blocks is not necessarily a limitation, so long as the person develops the tenacity to stay at it, and the humility to learn from their enroller and other supportive uplines.

The truth is there are very few environments that give you so much support to succeed, and where their is no ceiling to your success other than you.

Myth 5 – High Market Penetration will cause failure

Market penetration is a success factor in any business, it is not exclusive to Direct Sales.

For a genuine product company like dōTERRA there is a place for their products in every home on the planet. They have some competitors, though none today with their record on purity and efficacy, and they are far and away the largest Essential Oil company on the planet. In the US and Australia they have penetration of around 2% of homes, while for most of the rest of the planet it is a fraction of a percent.

The company believes it can realistically reach 10 to 20 times it’s current size, and by everything I see I agree. Later in the life cycle extra penetration of the market will be harder than today, that is for sure. At that time some new people will still succeed the way people succeed anywhere by being better, but it won’t be as easy to walk in the door and succeed without skills already developed.

However there is an ongoing place for Network Marketing or Direct Sales organisations that have a good product like dōTERRA’s that people come back and buy month in, and month out. The company can remain, and the businesses that it’s existing people have built can remain.

Look, every industry and every company has life cycles, but if a company remains an ethical one providing good product it can be around for a very long time, and when it gets to different stages of it’s development things may change a little. That’s called life, and Network Marketing companies are not immune from it.

In an actual pyramid scheme, penetration is a problem because there are no more gullible people, and the whole thing collapses. In a product company growth slows, but the existing business can stay strong as long as the product offering remains strong, and the company reputation remains strong.

Amway is a Network Marketing business that has been using this path to market since 1959 and it has survived for nearly six decades, and has many leaders who have been in it and managing incredibly successful businesses for most of that time, and there are dynasties that have been passed down to children.

dōTERRA is only ten years old as a company and started really getting it’s wheels to the ground in 2011. When my wife and I joined dōTERRA in 2014 as product users, the membership number we were allocated was just over 1 Million. Now 4 years later there are 6 Million members world wide of a global population of 7 Billion. In dōTERRA’s home town of Salt Lake City penetration is 15% and still there are people who are open to enrolling when we visit and jump in an Uber.

The truth is that bricks and mortar selling is on the way out. Direct Sales is a great online ordering business model where word of mouth is the form of marketing. High levels of penetration in this model are the way of the future.

Myth 6 – You can’t succeed without a big network

The Myth

The myth goes that success only comes if you can enrol a lot of people, and so if you don’t have a huge network you couldn’t possibly succeed.

The Truth

If a Direct Sales business has a compelling product offering, like dōTERRA does, that has 70% of people joining just for the products, and which has 70% of members still buying in their 5th year with the company, then you don’t need to be a big enroller, the products enrol people for you.

My wife and I went Diamond in dōTERRA after 17 months having enrolled 74 people, most of whom were just product users. By that point we had created a tree of 1,122 people, so 1,048 of those people came from us educating, supporting, inspiring, and developing other people. By Blue Diamond at month 29 we had personally enrolled 126 people, and had 4,020 people in our tree. So we enrolled on average 1 person a week, and probably at least half of those people are people we didn’t know before we joined the business.

When you have a great product, people tell people, who tell people, who tell people, and the product does the work. I am a CFO by background, not a sales person. You do have to learn the skill of making a recommendation to meet the person’s needs, then suggesting you help them open their own account today, but it isn’t rocket science, and if the product is as phenomenal as dōTERRA’s you actually know you are doing them a service.

We fully expect we will reach Presidential Diamond, dōTERRA’s top rank within 3 months and we will still have enrolled fewer than 200 people ourselves. Your job is to support others to do the same.

Myth 7 – You have to be a Sales Person to succeed

The Myth

Because Direct Sales businesses involve the generation of sales, or product orders the assumption tends to be that you need to be able to sell, and sitting behind that, that it feels icky to sell and I don’t want to do that.

The Truth

We touched on this a little in Myth 6, you definitely don’t have to be a sales person, or have strong selling skills. You do need to become proficient at understanding people’s needs, and having learned about your products, make a recommendation that will serve them, and suggest you help them fill their need by opening their own account today.

The icky thing that a lot of people have about sales comes from a lifetime of having been sold to by Sales People who had a bad product and made a living by using forceful sales tactic that left you feeling manipulated.

There are some MLMs whose products have limited or questionable value adds, but it’s up to you to decide what you believe in, and if you find an MLM whose products you believe in, and in dōTERRA’s case for me and many other people, whose owners you believe in as stewards of the earth and extraordinary people for whom their business is not about money, you are not at all in convincing energy, you are simply sharing your passion, and amazing products that will actually change lives.

You educate, you listen, you inspire, you recommend, and you suggest they can place their order today and have it with them in a few days. Then you show other people how to do that with the help of those in your upline who have been doing this a long time, and using the plethora of great sales aids, and business support tools.

Myth 8 – Selling is not what I want to do with my life

The Myth

That Network Marketing is all about selling, and that selling is not a very satisfying vocation to devote your life to.

The Truth

Firstly a lot of professional sales people would disagree. Good sales people help find solutions to people’s needs by listening closely and helping them to meet their needs. It can be a noble profession when noble energy based in serving another person is brought to the exchange, and if you enjoy meeting people it’s a joy.

But here’s the thing, sales is actually a small part of building a successful Direct Sales business.

Let me tell you about my drivers in our dōTERRA business.

Firstly as I’ve already explained, my passion in the world is stewardship, and creating business models in the world that serve humanity with integrity, and that share abundance in ways that the capitalist Corporate juggernaut does not. I joined my wife in dōTERRA because their owners had me in tears of joy and gratitude over the difference they are making in the world.

But my biggest driver has become the part about helping ordinary people claim the kind of abundance that I have had most of my life as a Chief Financial Officer on a good salary, only I’ve passed that Salary now, and at Presidential Diamond will have more than tripled it, and with complete freedom in how I manage my time, with no boss, and no board of directors that expect perfection in an imperfect world.

In this business women can succeed with no glass ceiling whatsoever, and you don’t have to serve out a decade or two to get to a place where you can earn a decent salary. Some in this business reach Diamond in 6 to 12 months, and Presidential Diamond in 3 years. For PJ and I, Presidential Diamond will come at around 3 years and 7 months.

The work as you get deeper into the business becomes about mentoring, inspiring, educating, and fundamentally working with the people who do want to change their lives and are showing up for themselves. When we see our people reach a new rank and start achieving incomes beyond what they ever thought they could earn, and overcome by joy for what it means for them and their family, there are few joys so great in this world. We create freedom to live the life that people want to live, to decide when they will rise in the morning, to decide to be at their children’s major milestones, to decide to stay in the home with their new babies, without sacrificing abundance.

When we are in what is our businesses sales process we are educating about the profound effects of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils on human health, and about the rest of the extraordinary product range that includes supplements, cleaning, and other necessary lifestyle products. We do this in classes, and we do this 1:1 over coffee, and it’s fun, and people like it and want it, and when they order the products we start hearing back the transformational stories.

My life purpose is to be a Writer, a Speaker, and a Change Agent in the world. I do all of these as a dōTERRA Blue Diamond Leader.

  • I write this blog about how to succeed in the dōTERRA business, which has thousands of readers, who stop me at convention to tell me how much a particular blog post helped them transform their business, or how it helped them to garner their husband’s support for their business. They all tell me they will be buying my first book the moment it hits the shelves.
  • As a successful leader I am invited to speak on the stage in front of hundreds and sometimes thousand of people. My dream, which I know I will achieve is to speak in front of 34,000 people at Global Convention. An author could not dream of a better influencing platform.
  • Everything I do in this business changes lives. We change the lives of people with our products, we change the lives of villagers in developing nations through our Co-Impact Sourcing Strategies, that turn dōTERRA’s supply chain into a massive driver of sustainable prosperity and is very focused on fair trade, long term partnerships, and ethical sourcing. Finally when we help others succeed in the business and free themselves from the shackles of a corporate job, we give a soul freedom to live the life they came to this planet to live.

Dave Stirling, dōTERRA’s CEO and one of it’s 7 owners and founders says “What if more more of the wealth in the world came into the hands of good people”. dōTERRA wants to be the company that get’s the most people in the world out of debt, and allowing them to be free to give. Most of dōTERRA’s highest ranked people are heavily involved in giving back and making a difference, and often in collaboration with dōTERRA’s extraordinary Healing Hands Foundation.

The Direct Sales Industry’s history of glitzy events where high ranking people are given Mercedes Benz’s or BMW’s has been cast aside by dōTERRA. Success is celebrated, but it’s about people, not money and flagrant displays of wealth, and I believe this will be a trend taken up by other Direct Sales companies.

So to our myth, if you’ve stayed with me you’ll understand Network Marketing can be about so much more than Sales, and dōTERRA is the Gold Standard for doing business with integrity and as stewards of this planet.

While I am in a Direct Sales business, I’m actually in the business of changing lives, and that gets me out of bed every day excited by what I do.

Myth 9 – I’m too shy to be in this kind of Business

The Myth

That to be in a people business like Direct Sales you have to like people and be an extravert.

The Truth

It’s 2018 people, the internet has changed that forever. It is the age of the IntrovertPreneur.

My wife is essentially an introvert and is a Blue Diamond going on Presidential Diamond, my 20 year old step daughter has Aspergers and is a Gold Leader in the business. I know multiple Presidential Diamonds and a Double Presidential Diamond who would describe themselves anywhere between introverts, and Aspergers with a hate of being around people.

This business can be done in a very large part on-line. I will say it requires you to step up and push through irrational fears, and we all have those, and you don’t get to Presidential Diamond without working on yourself as you go, but being shy and retiring is not a disqualifier in this era.

Myth 10 – I’m not good enough at anything to succeed

The Myth

That if you haven’t been good at school, or successful in your career that you are therefore not a successful person and won’t succeed at this.

The Truth

Once again many Presidential Diamonds in the business had not enjoyed success in their life before they came to dōTERRA. There are people from all walks of life in the ranks of Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Presidential Diamond, there are single mums who had been living on social security who had never run a business, there are Surfy Chicks, recovering CFOs like me, and everything in between.

The truth is a good Direct Sales business, if it has a strong retention rate like dōTERRA is one of the lowest risk businesses you can build. I spent 12 years in Medical Diagnostics and Medical Devices where investments and activities you make today in Research and Development may bring market success in 3 or 5 or 10 years, and it may not too. In this business I invite a friend to a class on Monday, they attend on Friday, and enrol within 5 days and become loyal user of the products who shows up buying every month. Not every invitation reaches an enrolment, and not all customers become loyal customers who buy every month, but dōTERRA has some of the highest rates in the Direct Sales industry. So we are always building our pool of people, and in our three and a half years that pool of active people has always grown. Today we have north of 6,500 in our tree.

In Direct Sales a big part of success is in creating a model of success that can be duplicated. So there are printed materials that show you how to succeed, there are live classes, there are online classes (for the introverts), and there are Conventions where the owners and the best of the Leaders in the Community share experience and inspiration.

To succeed your job is show up, keep showing up, pick yourself up when you fall down, read all of the success materials, put what you’ve learned into action, read self development books, put what you’ve learned into action, be humble and ask questions, and put what you’ve learned into action. You’ll fall down more than once, you’ll have setbacks more than once, but the difference between a Presidential Diamond and someone who hit one of the early ranks once and then quit, is that the Presidential Diamond wouldn’t quit.

So does it matter if you haven’t succeeded in anything else? Hell No! Just be stubborn about persisting and keep chipping away.

So Say Yes to checking out a Direct Sales Offer

So this blog post began noting that many people hold back from accepting offers from people they know and trust to come and hear about their products, or their Direct Sales opportunity, even when their intuition is telling them yes.

Hopefully you can see from the Myths we’ve busted that the need for fear is unwarranted. Go and have a conversation with your friends.

If you are sitting there, unhappy with your life, your income, your choices, or the lack of purpose in your life, take action and go and explore the opportunity, the same as you do when you apply for a new job. If you don’t like it you can still say no, just like you do at a job interview when the company or the job sucks.

Do keep your wits about you, because there is the odd Pyramid Scheme out there, but they are easy to recognise, asking for a lot of money for very little. A good product based Direct Sales business will have a variety of options and different price points to meet your needs. In dōTERRA’s case you can join for $AUD 35, and get Enrolment Kit’s that waive the joining fee from as little as $AUD 174, $US 125, GBP 102, or EUR  105.

Say “Yes” to life and go ask your friend about what it is they do. It just may change your life.

If you stumbled on this blog and don’t have a friend in a Direct Sales business and like the sound of what I’ve told you about doTERRA, reach out and I’d be delighted to be the one that helps you create your dreams. That’s what my beautiful wife PJ and I do.

Ura P Auckland

Blue Diamond Leader with Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall,
Writer & Authentic Essential Oil Entrepreneur
Sycamore Wellbeing

Email : UraPAuckland@SycamoreWellbeing.com
Mobile : +61-413-051-604
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/UPA1111
Twitter : @UraPAuckland

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