Your Foundations, Sand or Rock?

Sand or Rock?

Many people in doTERRA build their businesses and rank, but then have trouble holding it for Paid Rank, and even have complete legs fall over.


One of the biggest issues is foundations. When we build a house, or the symbolic Cathedral we know we have to lay down solid foundations.

It is no different building a business.

A doTERRA business asks you to begin building two strong legs, and this will get you to Premier. Then we add another strong leg to get to Silver, supported by three Elites. To go to Gold we support our Elites to go Premier, and they will be supported by two strong Executives. When we go to Platinum, our three Premiers go to Silver and their Executives go to Elite plus they add another leg at Elite. Diamond asks us to add another Silver leg, supported by three Elites. At Diamond then there are four Silvers and twelve Elites. Blue Diamond is a real cracker, now we have to support our Silvers to step up to Gold. Now instead of leading just three people with a simple Elite business based strictly on volume, our Gold leaders have to inspire their three Premier leaders to inspire two Executive Leaders that they hold the enrolment for. A fifth leg is added, so now there are Five Golds, Ten Premiers, and twenty Executives. Finally, for Presidential Diamond we are supporting our Gold’s to step up to Platinum and adding a sixth leg. Our Platinums each have three Silvers, and the silvers have three Elites. At Presidential Diamond you are supporting 6 Platinums, 18 Silvers, and 54 Elites.

Sound complicated enough? It can be, achieving rank above Silver is like choreography, and at Presidential Diamond, my observation watching Paul Ovens and Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens is that the Balshoi Ballet is nothing compared to a Presidential Diamond

So here’s the issue. When we start sharing, the first person we enrol goes on our front line. Usually, so long as they have held a 100PV loyalty rewards order, that first person will become your first Executive, because OV (Overall Volume) flows upwards and the person at the top of a string always has the highest OV. At this stage, we can look at the potential of our new Executive and get very excited about who they might become in our team, they might even be saying “Yes, I’d like to build a doTERRA business. So the risk is, we celebrate their Executive accomplishment and tell ourselves they are our ranking leader, and we proceed to build them to Elite, so we can become Silver.

At Silver you are relying on three Elites to consistently generate 3,000 OV every month. They can get to Elite on as little as 12 x 250PV enrolments. But to sustain Elite means 30 x 100PV Loyalty Rewards Orders each month by people who have embraced the doTERRA lifestyle. Sustaining that takes leadership, and service.

For your business to be sustainable, and scalable your Elite Leader needs to be with you on the building journey. To get to Diamond where you have 12 Elites under 4 Silvers, you can’t be doing it all yourself.

We’ve seen what happens when the Elite Leaders are not engaged. OV keeps falling back in that leg, and it effects the paid rank of the Silver above them, and you as someone ranking on the Silver.

It’s fine to rank to Silver on your three front line Elites who have LRP orders in, but this is the point where you need to get clear on building the real foundations of your business. Your next step is to keep building those legs and support someone to grow to Premier who actually wants to take action and do the business.

In simple terms to go ‘’all the way’ to Presidential Diamond, your leaders need to want and be capable of Platinum, or more realistically Diamond, because for a sustainable business you want your leaders to surpass what you need from them.

For my part I want no less than Blue Diamond for my leaders, because that is where the level of abundance lies that gives them real choices in their lives.That is what my Why is all about, creating abundance, freedom of choice, and empowerment for our leaders.
If you are serious about building a business to Diamond or beyond, you need to be able to inspire your leaders, and the strongest leaders will be ones who want to go all the way. So their expectation of their leader will be that they want to go all the way, so that you can support them to accomplish the same.

So lets come back to the foundations. You have an Elite that might well have had Elite just ‘happen to them’. As you now go forward to creating a Premier, and then a Silver, those ranks do not just happen. For this next stage of the journey, while it might seem closer to your next step to build two Executives under your Elite, it would be a mistake if that Elite isn’t actively building, leading, and inspiring their own leaders under them.

Your real question is whether your Elite or any of the people under them that you hold the enrolment for are taking action every day, and walking towards you. Is that person the person who you can take all the way to at least Diamond (to outperform Platinum). Do they want it for themselves? Sometimes that person wont yet be in that leg, so you continue looking for a Premier who you can tap-root into that leg.

What you most certainly don’t do is build two Executives yourself, and transfer the enrolments to your Elite, so they can go Premier. In doing that you are setting up a business that is neither scalable, nor duplicable.

Solid Foundations come from patiently planting a lot of seeds, watering them all, to create an active community, and inspiring them which will see your true self-motivated leaders step forward.

These are your business partners for life. These are the people that let you build a pipeline business, where once you have built to Blue Diamond or Presidential Diamond, you aren’t hauling buckets any more, but are moving more into being an inspirational leader working with five or six other inspirational leaders who are duplicating everything you’ve done, though of course in the way that is true to the soul that they are.

To become a solid and sustainable Presidential Diamond, your Platinums and your Silvers will all need to be building with people who are engaged, and willing to support their community to engender the embracing of a doTERRA lifestyle, which is what drives Loyalty Rewards Program orders.

You can’t do this business alone, you need leaders under you, and you need to embrace learning from the leaders above you, not because they are your boss, but because they are further along the same road and they know the terrain, and they know where the holes you can fall down are. They also see a lot of people doing the business and observe the traits of success, and the mistakes that get in the road of success.

Right up there with Belief, that I posted about a couple of weeks ago as one of the most critical success factors, comes Leadership and the creation of other leaders through inspiration. Master this and the building of your business with engaged and driven leaders just like you, and you will have the kind of foundations that support a sustainable business, and the journey out of the world of ‘hauling buckets’.

So who are your leaders, and who have you been trying to shoe-horn into being a leader that may not want it for themselves?

You’ll know your real leaders. They call you all the time. They come to events. They call you to ask advice. They crave touch points with every upline and innately know there is extraordinary value in that experience.

If your real leaders haven’t shown up yet, your job is inspiring your users, and sooner or later your energy will call your real leaders forth. They won’t be able to resist joining you on the journey.

Ura P Auckland
Diamond Leader, Writer &
Authentic Essential Oils Entrepreneur
Earth Spirit Pathways


  1. […] We work with and place in key positions the people who very early show us with their energy and their actions that they are walking towards us, and want this for themselves. You see, it is that want, that even if they don’t know it yet, demonstrates they have their own ‘Why’, as defined by the beautiful work of Simon Sinek. Their why is the fuel in their tank, and that is the fuel that makes them self driven leaders, versus people you need to drive. These self driven people are the ones you want to choose for key leadership positions in your business, which creates a solid foundation for you to build a massive Presidential Diamond business upon as I outlined in this blog on setting the right foundations. […]


  2. […] Your focus early in the journey is to see and nourish the interests of everyone. Over time your sharers and builders will emerge, but measure whether someone is actually a builder who you should start planning joint ranking strategies with based on whether they are walking towards you. I have outlined what that looks like in my blog on ‘Your Foundations, Sand or Rock?’ […]


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