Claiming Diamond and Really Meaning It

There are any many people over the nearly three years that my wife PJ and I have been creating a dōTERRA business who we have seen indicate they want to build a business, and who have aspirations of Diamond or more, and who get very excited by what this vision might mean for their life.

On our journey we reached Diamond at 17 months, and Blue Diamond exactly 12 months later at 29 months.

However we have over 5,000 people in our tree, and no-one else has yet reached Diamond. It will happen and is close to happening. We have a number of people in our tree who are now getting close to Diamond and are at Gold or Platinum, and we have lots of Silvers. I have been surprised by the small number of people getting close to Diamond, out of about 1,000 people who are in our business group.

It’s not the Percentage Game

The dōTERRA Disclosure Summary, that is created every year to comply with US Federal Trade Commission rules and give those looking at the business some meaningful data about the business, shows that 17% of all dōTERRA Customers sharing or doing the business are at ranks of Consultant, Manager or Director, 4% are at ranks of Elite or Premier, and only 0.5% of dōTERRA Customers become leaders in the Business at the ranks of Silver and Above. Just under 10% of the Leaders become Diamonds or above, so out of 10,000 people that is 5.

On face value that might not sound much better odds than the lottery, but that is far from the case.

There are two factors that effect this percentage. You have to understand what the act of becoming a Diamond is. A Diamond is 4 legs each with a personally enrolled Silver, each of whom has 3 personally enrolled Elites. So there are 12 Elites across the bottom of a Diamond Tree. If you consider an Elite Tree needs at least 30 people creating volume if you worked on 100PV each, that’s 12 x 30 or 360 people consuming products. There are normally some people not ordering, and some people ordering under 100PV, plus legs are never exactly even and you have some legs producing more than you need, and others lagging.

You’ll find that Diamond normally show up once you and the people in your team have created a community of about 1,000 people, though it can be as little as about 600 and for others 2,000 or more. Ours was 1,122 people the month we went Diamond, and 4,020 the month we went Blue Diamond.

So you see the job of creating a Diamond Tree if I were to generalise is to create and lead a tree of about 1,000 people. So it isn’t your odds of becoming a Diamond, it’s what you have to do to become a Diamond.

It’s a Mindset Game

We see many of those people who said to us, “I want to do this, and I want to go to Diamond and beyond” fall away, and my belief is that for most of them they decide, “See I’m just not cut out to be a Diamond, I’m not good with selling things to people, or getting them to do what I want”.

Their story, if that is their story, is flawed and to be honest just plain wrong.

There is one factor beyond all others that separates a Diamond Leader from those who give up.

The Diamond leader makes the choice to ‘Create with Intention’. You do need a high enough IQ to construct a sentence, and you do have to learn on your path to communicate somewhat effectively, but when you go to Global Convention and meet many many Diamonds you see they come from all walks of life, and sometimes they won’t be a ‘People Person’ or an overly ‘Strong Communicator’.

The thing Diamonds have in common is when they get up each morning, they create, they do not wait. They have acquired either before they came to dōTERRA or along the journey on their way to Diamond, a mindset that says, “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

They are aware that while showing up at Team Meetings is essential and is part of engagement and being in the Game, attendance is not creation, and that the creation of a tree of one thousand people means personally enrolling somewhere from 50 to 100 people, and then supporting as many of those personal enrolments, and their personal enrolments to do the business as they can.

What is an Intentional Creator?

A Diamond in Creation gets up in the morning, and they get their mindset right. They meditate, or listen to an Active Meditation like this one from Dr Joe Dispenza. They don’t just write down a set of mundane tasks that occur to them as they have their morning coffee, they refresh their commitment to their Big 5 important goals that represent their vision for their future for themselves and their family.

By way of example my Big 5 are :

  • I will support as many of our leaders as want it to get to at least Blue Diamond where the abundance will change their lives and fuel almost any ‘Why’. Achieving this will make us Presidential Diamond plus some.
  • I will be a Published Author and Speaker this year (2018), and ultimately change Millions of Lives.
  • I will be a vibrantly healthy man and inspire others to claim wellbeing of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
  • I will nurture a beautiful heartfelt relationship with my partner PJ and we will inspire and support one another to live profoundly meaningful and rich lives.
  • I will be an advocate for a better world and will embody what I preach inspiring others to do the same.

When an Intentional Creator sits down to make a to-do list for the day, the source of the list is first and foremost the things they are trying to create in their Big 5, the steps that will take them there. The list will also necessarily include ‘Pick up the Kids from School’ or ‘Drop off the Gala Dress at the Dry Cleaners’, but they will not allow a day to pass without 30% to 70% of their time going to meaningful important activities that are creating their future.

This is an Intentional Creator. They are not a Happener who just allows life to happen to them. They are not a groupie who believes if they hang out with creators somehow people will start joining their team too. Spending time with successful peers and uplines is a great idea, but it creates value only when you learn from them and then apply the lessons, diving into the pool.

The Act of Creation – Jump

The ‘Act of Creation’ starts with a commitment to yourself, a commitment that you will not break.

“I will not accept any other outcome than achieving <The Creation of my first Diamond Team Member by December 2018>, for example, or <The achievement of Gold by May 2018>.

When you really mean it, and you are not going to give yourself a back door, and when every day you are going to devote 30% to 70% of your available day to creating your future yourself, and with your team, you will get to Diamond, or you will achieve whatever it is that you have committed to yourself that you will achieve.

The Act of Creation is actually that choice to commit, to Jump off the Cliff with no parachute, to give yourself no back door. This 2 minute inspirational speech from Steve Harvey describes that commitment.

The Universe Helps When You Really Mean It

Once you have jumped, you have made it clear to the Universe that ‘You really mean it’.

You’ve probably heard about manifesting what you want in books and videos like ‘The Secret‘.  They tell you that manifestion calls on the Universe to provide assistance to add to the physical actions you are taking in the world, and they tell you that you need to capture the feeling of the future state where you have what you want. They are right, but they are also misleading.

Do you know how you create enough emotion for the Universe to respond?

You Jump!!!

Once you’ve Jumped, burned your bridges behind you, or really committed to yourself that there is no other outcome you will accept, you are in the feeling, in fact you won’t be able to stop that feeling if you tried.

Sitting in Meditation and going Ommmm, while you say in your head “I see myself as Diamond” is not enough.

When you show life that you really mean it, life shows up for you. If you don’t show up for yourself, how can life show up for you?

A Non-dōTERRA Example

For a very long time I have had a desire to become an Author. I am already a Writer. I blog and I am an Influencer on Social Media, but it is my life path to become a Published Author of many books, and to become a Speaker inspiring millions of people.

In our dōTERRA business, I have shown up for myself and our business as has my beautiful wife Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall. The universe then has shown up for us too and we have reached the rank of Blue Diamond. The first of my Big 5 goals will carry us beyond to Presidential Diamond too, but it is seeing our Leaders reach Blue Diamond that is going to bring me more joy.

As an aspiring Author, my journey has been mixed. In the first half of 2016, I showed up for myself, and I wrote the complete first draft of my first book. But something was missing. It was a strong theme, but it was a first draft, and my most honest Beta Reader, Nicole Cody said something like, “Ura, it’s a pretty crappy first draft, but it has potential to be great, I look forward to seeing you rip it to shreds and make it what it needs to be to attract a quality publisher”.

I never thought I’d be someone that had Writer’s Block, but in the 18 months since I collected the feedback from my Beta Readers, I have been sitting back, intending to start, someday soon, but not today.

Last weekend I went to run a class a couple of hours from where I live. I decided to listen to an Audio Book on the way there and back. I listened to Dr Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself‘. It affected me profoundly, and it spoke of how we stay stuck in our thoughts, and worse the patterns of our sub-conscious that get stored in our autonomic nervous system, that control 95% of what we do and don’t do, at a subconscious level.

I am not yet finished the Dr Dispenza’s book, but I have Jumped, and changed my life to bring more consciousness to becoming an Author and pulling in that future that is central to my life purpose. I like to consider myself a conscious man, but I was deluding myself that I had a future as an Author if I did not commit to finishing my first book every day.

Writers write, right?

Well I wasn’t, not on my book, and I’ve even had a bit of a break from my blogging for a couple of months.

I made a decision on Sunday night that every night I would go to bed at 10pm, and that I would get up at 5:00am, listen to my Joe Dispenza Meditation, and then write for 3 hours before the day started to come at me. I wrote my first draft in 3 months of 3 hours in the early morning each day.

My habit in the last 18 months had been staying up late. Sometimes I was Facebooking, in part productively, and in part scrolling, sometimes I was watching a movie, but the light would not go off till 1:00am or 2:00am, and so I wasn’t going to rise until my dōTERRA day was starting at 9:00am or 10:00am. I had this dialogue going in my head that I needed that ‘release time’ of watching a movie or occupying my mind with Facebook.

No I didn’t!!

It was a habit that was consuming my discretionary time, and preventing me from fulfilling my destiny to be an Author. My Autonomic nervous system and the patterns it craved was convincing my mind that it was necessary, and an occasional movie is nice, but it doesn’t help you change your life, or other lives.

This week I’ve already spent about 12 hours writing my book. I’ve refined my title and my theme, and my Preface is complete. I will write every day without exception, and the time will come from time I was previously wasting. I will complete my rewrite by 30th June, and I will find and Editor and Publisher and publish by 31st December 2018. I have jumped.

A structure that supports you

If you want to make a shift as I have and truly achieve something new, you need a structure that supports you, and you have to bring awareness to how you are fulfilling your dream.

The flow of my day was not serving me in terms of me seeing time where I could devote time to my book to ‘go deep’ as I need to for at least 3 hours at a time.

So I created a structure. I gave myself an earlier bed time of 10:00pm and a rising time of 5:00am, and I have committed to ‘No Snooze Button’.

If you are going to be an Intentional Creator, you need structures that support you to move into creating.

It might be a desk, a study, a VA, an AuPair, whatever it is create a structure that removes the obstacles.

Time to Decide & Really Mean It

So I put it to you, it is time to decide, and really mean it.


How long have you been at your current rank? How committed have you been to showing up for yourself? How many team meetings have you skipped? Do you fill your days with doing the things that seem easiest to tick off instead of the important things? How many hours have you burned on Netflix Binges?

How much do you really want Diamond?

If you are serious show yourself and the universe that you are serious. Jump, really jump and leave no room for failure! You will feel the feelings that Dr Joe talks about creating from.

I implore you, if you want to claim Diamond, do it, but really mean it!


Ura P Auckland
Blue Diamond Leader
Sycamore Wellbeing with PJ & Ura
Authegrity Pty Ltd
Writer carrying the energy of Author

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