Placements Part 5 – Two Legs to Premier

This is Part 5 in a series of blogs on Placements in the dōTERRA business. This part looks at the issues that are particular to the early part of the journey through the formative ranks to Premier.

First Five Ranks Volume Based

The first five ranks from Consultant to Elite are all based simply on achieving an OV or Overall Volume, which is the combined Personal Volume PV for you and all of the people under you in your tree.

a) Consultant – You Start here
b) Manager    –   500 OV
c) Director     – 1,000 OV
d) Executive  – 2,000 OV
e) Elite.           – 3,000 OV

So up to Elite in order for you to rank advance all you need to do is enrol people and help others in your tree enrol people. All volume adds to your OV, and hence to your ability to rank.

To this point you actually are not prevented from ranking by how you have chosen to place. Hopefully however you have had guidance from a good mentor, because the placements you have made up to the point of going Elite are going to impact how easy or not it is to achieve the rank of Premier.

Premier Requires Two Ranking Legs

Achieving the rank of Premier has two tests. The first is achieving 5,000 OV. The second is a test that all future ranks after Premier will be based on, and that is having personal enrolments achieve a particular rank. For Premier you need two personal enrolments in seperate legs.

Let’s be clear on what a seperate leg is for the purposes of identifying ranking leaders. It is a leg that begins with one of your front line positions. So then, you cannot have two ranking leaders under the same front line position.

Executive as outlined above is 2,000 OV. The two Executives will necessarily create 4,000 OV, then you need another 1,000 OV between any other legs, any excess achieved by the Executives , or in your own personal volume.

So lets look back at what this means for guiding our placements all the way from when we start until we achieve Premier.

Obviously if we had for example placed everyone on our front row up to Elite, we would have possibly 30 people on our front row, and there would be no concentration of volume to help us create two executives. The highest OV of any of the people under us would likely be 100 to 200, a long way from Executive that if achieved by people on LRP would typically need 20 people on 100 PV under one person.

Equally if we wanted each of five friends (who didn’t know each other) all on our front row, because we want each of them to be our front line leaders, it is going to slow our progression.

Concentration of Volume

A critically important principle to understand is the value of ‘Concentration of Volume’. It is by ranking that you learn. It is by ranking that you build belief yourself, and in others in your tree, and in turn by helping them to see rank advancements.

If you do not concentrate volume to support rank advancement, you will slow your progress, you won’t see rank progression quickly, you will earn less, you will not get to attend rank based leadership and training events.

Early on until we have hit Premier, we need to concentrate the volume of our personal enrolments in two strings from your front row. Until you have someone in each of those two strings arise who starts to share, or mega-share, or step into building. At that point they can start to create a second string from their front line to support their journey to Premier.

At this point I need to point out that if you are part of a team that has a focus on Power of Three, you should talk to your splines, your enroller and possibly your sponsor about how that strategy relates to the advice I am offering here. Part 4 of this series on placements covered Power of Three and I invite you to go back and read that to educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of a Power of Three focus, which you can then discuss from an educated viewpoint with your uplines.

At some point in the journey to Premier you may meet someone who you want for your third leg on your front row as a builder. If your journey to Premier is building rapidly and your two legs are strong, then putting the third builder on your front row may be a good idea, but beware overconfidence built by volume from enrolments, as it is repeat volume from Loyalty Rewards Orders that is present month in and month out that will allow you to hit Premier repeatedly, which is when it is safe to start moving your focus to a third leg.

Concentrate volume in two legs until your business has you hitting your rank as a paid rank easily and repeatably.

Two Legs – When and How

So we have talked about building in two legs up to Premier. Your legs are communities and as much as possible it is advisable to create your legs as communities and put people together who are likely to relate well. To some degree we covered this in Part 3 of the Series that explained that Truly Serving Creates Success.

If you have friends or relatives who know each other and get along well, ideally they should go in a string, and that way when they have mutual contacts they can go under both of the people.

On timing for your second leg, it’s a good idea to create it relatively early in your journey and to keep the two legs growing at a similar pace, though honouring all the other placement factors we have and will discuss as well.

Some of you may have decided to build after an upline has already built one of your legs. If they are still building that leg it is a good idea to get one of your own personal enrolments into that leg so that you can benefit too from the enrolments they are placing by having volume under someone you hold the enrolment for. Have a conversation with them, and agree a plan.

You might have friends in one leg and family in another. You might have two groups of friends in one leg if there is a good fit. Just because two groups are in a leg doesn’t mean they need to work closely, but they can if you think there is the opportunity for constructive collaboration and support.

Yo may choose to use Geography to put people in one location together and the second leg for a city you used to live in where the people can collaborate.

Your Sharers, Builders and Leaders up to Premier

Up to Premier your sharers, builders and leaders are still emerging.

The positions at the top of a string (so long as they hold a 100 point Loyalty Rewards Order) will be the first to rank, and because the early ranks are strictly volume based rank can occur quite easily.

Your focus early in the journey is to see and nourish the interests of everyone. Over time your sharers and builders will emerge, but measure whether someone is actually a builder who you should start planning joint ranking strategies with based on whether they are walking towards you. I have outlined what that looks like in my blog on ‘Your Foundations, Sand or Rock?’

In Summary

So the key messages for Placements in the journey to Premier are these:

  1. Don’t wait till you get to Premier to start focusing on Structure. While it’s not needed up to Elite it will save you months if you focus on structure from the start.
  2. Concentrate volume in two legs until you have a solid Premier Business, though ask your uplines about their attitude to Power of Three.
  3. Build your two legs from early on and create communities in them that are about serving them.
  4. Your leaders are still emerging, work with everyone, and nourish everyone. Reward those walking towards you with even more time and attention.

This is just one more part in this series on Placements. Placements is an art not a science and there is a lot to weigh up. At all times remember the lesson we covered in Part 1 of the Series, always consult your Silver and Above uplines in placement decisions.

Ura P Auckland
Diamond Leader with Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall
Essential Oils Entrepreneur
Earth Spirit Pathways
Writer, Facilitator & Public Speaker at Authegrity

Image Attributions : ‘Two Legs to Premier’ is a screenshot captured by Ura P Auckland

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