The Partner Belief Curve

In the dōTERRA business there is room for people from all walks of life, and with all kinds of life circumstances. The theme of this post is Wellness Advocates who are in a relationship with a partner, who was not part of initiating the dōTERRA business. Most commonly in this business, these partners will be male partners to women doing the business, however many of the issues here could exist in any other combination in gay or straight relationships, where the partner is not yet a part of the business.

A common cry among women in this business with partners, and especially male partners, is “My husband doesn’t believe in the oils, or the business, and doesn’t want me to waste any more time or money on it, and resents the time I take for it away from him, that imposes on him to look after the children more. He wants me to go back and get a Real Job.”

Listening To Man Skeptical Thoughtful Afghan Face

It can be very frustrating for the Wellness Advocate. They have usually seen the vision, know with absolute clarity that it is a calling, feel the intuitive call clearly, and know in their hearts that the CPTG Essential Oils are unlike anything else they have ever come across, and that dōTERRA as a business, and it’s owners are unlike any other company on the planet.

So when the person they love most in the world is questioning their passion, and is even possibly resistant or even possibly obstructing the way, great tension can arise in the relationship.

My objective for this blog is to provide a tool to heal the strains between a passionate wellness advocate, and their unsure, protective, risk averse partner who does not yet have the information to allow them to move into belief and full support for their partner in this endeavour.

I expect that this blog is going to be provided to a lot of partners to read, and thus I had better introduce myself, because whilst many Wellness Advocates know me now, your partners obviously wont.

I am a partner of a very intuitive woman Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall, who decided in January 2015 that she wanted to do dōTERRA as a business, some six months after enrolling with a $174 Essential Collection Kit. She actively began the business three months after making the decision, commencing in April 2015.

At first I had no intention of having anything to do with the business myself, but I trusted my wife and her judgement that it was something she wanted to do.

My background is as a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in mainly medical and science based companies, though since 2008 I had reoriented my life to a focus on bringing more of a focus on values, integrity and authenticity to the business world as a writer, a speaker, and a business coach.

Let me jump to the end of my story, and the place I speak from now. I joined my wife full-time in the business in January 2016, and in fact had been active and part time in the business from June 2015, just three months after my wife started. We went Platinum in December 2015 our ninth month, and Diamond in August 2016 our 17th month. We are working on our fifth and sixth legs and the journey to Blue Diamond and Presidential Diamond, and I expect will have achieved both within the next year.

So what you need to know I guess is that I have moved from being a partner not involved in the business, with very little idea of what it is like as a business, and what the odds of my partner succeeding in the business are, to a fully engaged partner, now working full-time in the business, having succeeded to the level of Diamond, and well on the road to the ultimate success in the business of Presidential Diamond. I do everything in the business that my wife does, from teach and enrol, to coach and mentor, to strategise, and to educating our team for success. We have succeeded in the business together, and I am well positioned to help you as a couple understand what success will take.

Start With Empathy

OK, lets start this journey of helping your partner understand this business in a manner that works for them.

It is important that we start with empathy. There are valid reasons why your partner has concerns. Firstly I would say that it is safe to generalise and say that most Wellness Advocates are women, and are more heart centred, right brained, and intuitive, and can base trust and belief in the knowing that comes from these sources.

The average partner then is most often male, left brained, and data driven. Unless they have the data to show them that this dōTERRA business is going to be a good thing for your collective family long term, their initial data is likely to be a concern to them.

The Initial Data

So lets look at what your partner does know:

  1. Multi Level Marketing businesses amongst the populace in general have a bad reputation, and sometimes rightly so with tactics like ambush meetings.
  2. Most of us have had a friend, partner or relative involved in an MLM before and commonly have not witnessed them succeed.
  3. They have seen a cash outflow to enrol, and are seeing more cash outflows every month for Loyalty Rewards Orders.
  4. Any cash inflows at this stage are probably modest, and you are probably cash flow negative for a period of time, especially if you are fully engaged and investing in your business.
  5. They may well have seen a decrease in the time you spend together, the number of strangers filling your home at times that used to be family relaxing time, and you might well be needing them to pick up more responsibility in the home and with children.

So how does that data feel if your partner doesn’t have any other data about why you would be doing all of this?

Sit with that for a second. I think we can forgive them for having some concerns. Right now, they are sitting in the dark, they have no reason to believe in the opportunity beyond their love for and belief in you.

Perhaps if you’ve started things before, and not finished them, that might play on their mind. However, we do have good reason not to fret on that front, and we’ll come to that when we talk about the support you get to succeed in this community.

The goal then if you want your partner’s support and buy-in on the business is to help them come up the curve on understanding what you are involved in, so they can feel it for themselves, and come to a place of belief as strong as yours, which is a journey, and which will take more than just reading a blog like this.

Opportunity and Earning Disclosure Summary

OK, the dōTERRA Disclosure Document is a great place to start for your partner, and especially if they are left-brained. They will love the data and the statistics.

This is a document that any Direct Sales organisation must publish every year, and it must be factual. There is certain key data in it that is mandated by the US Federal Trade Commission (The FTC).

In the last year doTERRA have done a magnificent job of actually going beyond the compliance document that it is for most companies, and making it a genuine communication document to help people understand the business just like we are here.

So here is the 2016 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary

This document is important in a couple of ways:

  1. It shows the actual average incomes that are made by wellness advocates
  2. It shows the percentages of Wellness Advocates for whom each rank is the highest rank they have achieved so far.

OK, so lets take an example and assume your objective is to get to Diamond. My counsel is actually that you should aim to get to at least Blue Diamond, and the truth is once you are mentoring team you will likely want no less than Diamond for them, which means you’ll go all the way to Presidential Diamond.

But for now lets focus on Diamond, which I am going to show you is very achievable. The good news is that the average income for a Diamond is $US 200,800 per annum. Let’s be clear though that is your doTERRA income, not your profit, and to get to Diamond you will have travel costs, costs supporting your team, normal business expenses, and finally income tax.

The disclosure document also tells you that 7% of Leaders are Diamonds, and that 0.5% of Wellness Advocates become dōTERRA Leaders. A better measure of the percentage of leaders though is leaders as a percentage of those sharing and doing the business. Those earning some income up to the rank of Executive are 17%, Elites and Premiers are 4%, and the Leaders are 0.5%. So the leaders then are 0.5% / 21.5% or 2.3%, and the Diamonds are 0.16% of those doing the business. Now stay with me partners, because while that percentage probably isn’t giving you much hope it is critical to understand that this is not the same thing as chances of success.

Structure and Statistics

OK, so significant success means getting to Diamond, or beyond. Though I will say it’s up to you what success looks like for you. For some people it might be the $US 26,370 you make on average at Silver.

So here’s the thing, to achieve Diamond you need to create a certain structure. So lets look at a couple of documents that helps you understand ranking structures in doTERRA.

Here’s an image from the Share Success Build Guide that explains the ranks, and a link to it. It is a phenomenal document that helps support your success and helps you support your team to succeed. Share Success is an entire platform for creating success that was founded by Natalie and Andy Goddard, Double Diamonds which is a special rank beyond Presidential Diamond where you create a whole second tree.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 4.50.21 pm

I won’t explain the whole rank tree in this blog. Perhaps in another blog soon. For our purposes here, lets just look at Diamond. At Diamond you personally enrol and support four people to rise to Silver. Each of your Silvers personally enrol 3 people who rise to Elite, so there are 12 Elites under your 4 silvers. Elite can be achieved in the first month you hit it with as few as 12 Enrolments of 250 PV (Point Value) each. That’s an enrolment with a Home Essentials Kit plus a Fractionated Coconut Oil. Here in Australia that will cost them about $AU 369 delivered including delivery and GST. In the long term Elite is about 30 people with 100PV Loyalty Rewards Orders each month, who have embraced the dōTERRA lifestyle. A point (as in PV) is about $USD 1.00, though some products vary a little depending on manufactured cost and whether the pricing has been discounted from normal margins.

So to bring things back to an actual example, when my wife PJ and I went Diamond in our 17th month (August 2016) doing the dōTERRA business we had 1,122 people in our tree, and they generated 96,972 OV (The total of all their PVs).

So lets go back to the statistics we came across in the Disclosure Summary, that the Diamonds on average are such a small percentage of the community and even of those doing the business.

The reason is that you actually become Diamond when you and the the people you have introduced and so on get to about 1,000 people. It isn’t that the chances of success are low, it is that it happens when the maths unfolds and you have about 1,000 people in your business (though it can be as few as about 500 and as much as a few thousand depending on how well you have structured your tree.)

If you think about the Diamond Structure we talked about, the Elites across the bottom each with 30 people on LRP are 12 x 30 or are 360 people in the most efficient structure, and I’ve never seen a tree quite that efficient with zero people failing to engage with the Loyalty Rewards Program.

So to become a Diamond if we accept 1,000 people as a typical benchmark, you will be 1 Diamond in 1,000 people or 0.1%. It’s not your chance of success, it’s actually your relationship to what you and your team have created.

There is nothing to stop any of your team succeeding in dōTERRA. All they need to do is create a tree of 1,000 people.

Personal Enrolments

So if 1,000 people sounds like a lot, let me help you get comfortable.

My wife Pj and I got to Diamond with only 74 Personal Enrolments, between the two of us, spread across 17 months. That was 4.4 personal enrolments per month, or 2.2 each.

Outside that our job was to support our team, and as we learned we passed our learning on to them.

If you have a big network or are a great Social Media Guru with a giant following you can probably do better than this, but you don’t need to. Fundamentally it’s one enrolment a week, and if you are engaged and believe in the product that is so very doable. Pj and I have continued to average 4+ enrolments per month and after 26 months have made 114 Personal Enrolments.

Support to Succeed

You may not yet have had a great deal of personal career or business success in your life, but the good news is that dōTERRA has plenty of people at Diamonds and above for whom this is the first thing they have ever truly succeeded at.


The reason is that there is more support to succeed in dōTERRA than I have witnessed in any enterprise in all of my life. In most enterprises, there is a scarcity mentality, there is competition, and even the best of friends in a workplace can become adversaries when a promotion opportunity arises because there is only one position, and it sets up competition.

In dōTERRA the market opportunity is so immense, being every home on the face of the planet, and with the products being accepted to a degree that has never been seen in Direct Sales before, that everyone collaborates and supports one another.

The way ranking is set up, the people who enrolled you succeed when they help you succeed, and the people who enrolled them succeed when they help all of you to succeed, and the people many levels up share in company profits, as does everyone over Premier, and invest in helping the entire dōTERRA community to succeed, by creating resources like Share Success to help everyone succeed.

You are not alone in this business, and the first time you rank, it can often be a surprise because your upline may have been diligently working on building a tree under you to support your mutual success.


This post is actually about belief, namely the belief of the Wellness Advocate’s Partner.

Just as it is important for a Wellness Advocate to have the support that comes when their Partner believes in the opportunity, their own success comes through their own belief.

Here is an excellent video on the importance of belief by Andy Goddard, Double Diamond.


So if belief is the means by which you will succeed as a Wellness Advocate how will you get it.

Elite – Product – Use the products, share the products, the experiences you have will blow your mind and leave you in no doubt that the Essential Oils are life changing for every life they touch.

Premier – Company / Opportunity – Attend Company Events like ‘Get to Know dōTERRA’, Australian Convention, Global Convention, Your upline’s business training events, and seminars by the likes of Share Success and Diamond and Above Leaders who are sharing their wisdom all over the world every month. You cannot attend events like these and fail to fall in love with the integrity of the owners of dōTERRA, and understand you are part of something bigger than you, that is succeeding all over the planet because it is based in solid values and serving the world.

Silver – You – Self Belief in this business comes from the extraordinary mentoring you will get from uplines, cross-lines, and the many self development activities available to you, and more importantly from experiencing a little success in this extraordinary business. It also comes from falling down at some point, and being willing to pick yourself back up and go again. There is so much support to help you do so. It is here that partners can make a big difference. Partners, may I speak to you? Please support your beautiful Wellness Advocate Partner when they fall down, help them to get back up, and encourage them to reach out to their uplines for support. The only way to fail in this business is to give up.

Gold/Platinum – Your Leaders – This is one of the toughest steps up in the business. The key is collaborating with your people. Truly seeking to serve them. Taking them with you to attend training and development and company events, and reaching up to Diamond and above uplines for Leadership Mentoring.

Diamond – Your Why – The bigger your team gets, your success comes from inspiring your team. Having a cause that drives you gets you out of bed every day, and is the inspiration that continues to attract people to you. It’s not rocket science, it’s actually just understanding who you really are and realising that you can be the being that you feel inspired to be. You don’t have to conform to someone else’s world anymore. Your Diamond and above mentors will help you get clear on your Why.

Blue Diamond & Presidential – Your Influence – Once you are Diamond your juice is mainly coming from within. That said there continues to be extraordinary support from the Blue and Presidential Uplines to continue to support your development as leaders, and your ability to be an influencer.

I can’t stress too highly, I believe in the ability of anyone, and I do mean anyone to navigate this journey and go all the way to the top. It’s about being real, being authentic, being humble and willing to ask for help. If you do these things, and if you keep picking yourself up anytime you fall down, you will succeed.

Partners, I say again, your support and positive influence goes a very long way to support belief. Hopefully you can see that your partner isn’t alone on their journey as a wellness advocate. There are success maps and there will be people all around them helping them, and if there aren’t, then pick up the phone with them and together find mentors.

The Owners

Partners, one of the reasons your Wellness Advocate partner believes in dōTERRA is the owners. You might be pretty cynical about business people, and I’ve got to say I don’t blame you. My mission in life is to bring more consciousness to the way the world works through business, because I’ve seen how bad it can be.

The reason I joined my wife in dōTERRA and redirected my life purpose into this business is because dōTERRA are everything I believe in. The seven owners are extraordinarily good people. They have a vision for Essential Oils in every home on the planet providing a first port of call for wellness, and in so doing transforming the regions that the oils come from through their Co-Impact Sourcing Strategy that you can hear about in these videos.

This video tells you what Co-Impact Sourcing is:

This video is Co-Impact Sourcing in action.


This is real, this is how the owners run their business. They are seven extraordinary people, and they are all in it for the mission they are executing in the world. It isn’t about money. They never raised external capital, so there are no external shareholders clamouring for profits, instead they bootstrapped the business off their mortgages, and didn’t pay themselves for 13 months. More than that they created their extraordinary Healing Hands Foundation, that does extraordinary charity work in the regions the oils come from, before the owners had begun paying themselves a salary.

Our doTERRA owners

That there are seven owners is a wonderful check and balance. They work as an Executive Team, and make decisions as a collective based on their shared values.

My word for dōTERRA is Congruent. Everything they do is congruent with their values and their mission, which is so rare in this world. Lots of companies do a retreat and decide on their aspirational values. Few companies have the courage and commitment to live them. dōTERRA do, and I haven’t seen a single contrary indication in the 26 months we’ve been doing the business.

The picture above is the owners at Global Convention. Some MLM companies are about hype. dōTERRA is not. What you see here is a standing ovation by 20,000 people in a stadium for the ethics and commitment of 7 extraordinary people, and I know because I was there with my wife and some of our team, all with tears streaming down our faces over what these people have achieved, and what we have become a part of.

The owners are mostly members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) commonly known as Mormon. I knew little about the LDS church before dōTERRA, all I knew was I associated it with the young people doing service riding their bicycles, who from time to time might knock on my door to talk to me.

The owners never talk about LDS in the business, but what comes through loud and clear is that serving humanity is a way of life, and they do so through the values they bring to the business, and their pure intent. Their commitment is very simply to do good in the world, and these 7 people have found a way to do it more successfully than anyone has ever done so, and are turning the Direct Sales Industry on it’s head, breaking unimagined industry records every month, and they have barely begun. They are everything I believe about how business should and could be. They are the reason I joined my wife in this business.

The Products

Partners, you will have seen your Wellness Advocate Partner using the oils. You have probably heard them ‘banging on’ about them incessantly.

There is a reason. These essential oils have the highest level of purity possible. Dr Robert Pappas an independent academic who founded the Essential Oil University is on record saying “No-one is going to the lengths of testing that dōTERRA are to ensure their oils are nothing but pure essential oil.”

Furthermore Dr Hill one of the owners and founders is a Dr of Chiropractic and used the essential Oils in Clinical Practice for 20 years seeing extraordinary results, including with his own health. Dr Hill has been passionate about sourcing oils that could be used with a therapeutic intent to support human health. So doTERRA actually analyse thousands of combinations and permutations of an essential oil, looking at species, and geographies, and growing methods and cycles, and distillation methods.

doTERRA’s extraordinary R&D department knows what natural biochemistry is needed to create a therapeutic grade oil, and they are insistent on sourcing only oils that meet those profiles. To learn more about doTERRA’s CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils, here’s a short and very informative video:

In our two years in this business I have seen the Essential Oils support people to create extraordinary turnarounds in their health, time and time again, including in my own family in ways that move me to tears. This is quite a turnaround. I was a man who before I came into the business one day said to my wife Pj, on hearing that people doing the business are called ‘Wellness Advocates’, “Wellness Advocates! That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it sweetheart?”

Most importantly, and at the heart of dōTERRA’s success the products do not need to be sold. You do not need to be able to sell. You use the oils, you have extraordinary experiences, and you share those experiences with other people, who take your recommendation because of the trust between you, and the palpable belief you eminate. That’s how people enrol.

The Business Model

I’m a former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Business Models are something I understand.

I have never seen a more sound business model than what doTERRA have created.

The products work in extraordinary ways and convince everyone whose lives they touch that they are something that will be a real positive in supporting wellness in their family. The range is extensive and includes household products that use the oils to make them natural and effective, and to help people get toxins out of their home.

Because of this people enrol, and they come back again every month buying products.

The Loyalty Rewards Program is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m a loyal Qantas Flyer, and mainly because of their loyalty program, but it’s not a patch on dōTERRA. You can use the points you earn in dōTERRA at any time, and on almost any product apart from a couple of rare oils, and a handful of products like Diffusers that are manufactured externally. After 13 months of participation you get 30% of your point spend back to use to purchase products free.

The reason this is a good business model is because the retention is beyond anything the direct sales industry has seen before. After five years doTERRA still has 65 to 70% of the people enrolled coming back at least once in 3 months to continue using and buying product.

What this means for the business is that a majority of the people enrolled embrace dōTERRA as a lifestyle and buy regularly. So every month you have a community of people you’ve enrolled growing larger, and buying more. Here’s a graph of our volume over the 24 months we’ve been in the business. Things like Christmas and Promotions create the odd peak from which you might see a small fall, but the trend is just up, and up, and up, and it’s rare not to be celebrating a record month.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 10.01.16 pm

An example of the antithesis as a business model, as much as I love the product is Thermomix. A Thermomix Consultant has to sell more machines every month, and there are very few consumable products that create monthly repeat purchases.

In dōTERRA when you do the work to support your team, and as our uplines Paul Ovens and Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens say, to Educate, Inspire, and Delight, your volume just continues to grow, and as your team become more and more experienced and mature, the effort required to grow your business decreases.

As the story goes in the Share Success Build Guide, you can haul buckets of water for the rest of your life, where the only way to make more money is work more hours, or you can build a pipeline business, where once you’ve built the pipeline it does the work for you and pays dividends for the rest of your days.

Compensation Plan

Most left brained partners want to understand how the Wellness Advocate actually makes money. Obviously the Opportunity and Income Disclosure Summary gives you an indication of what you make at each rank, but it is important to understand how you get paid and for doing what.

The best way to understand it in detail is to attend a Business Training session. We run these for our team multiple times a month and most leaders serious about the business do, so talk to your uplines and find out when they are on.

However you can get a bit of a sense from a few resources here:

Compensation Plan Summary Tables

Compensation Plan Type Comparisons

For those at the 99th percentile of left-braindom if you are really intent on understanding the Unilevel Compensation System and how Dynamic Compression makes dōTERRA’s Compensation Plan the most generous in the industry, here’s a video my wife and I did 10 months ago just before we went Diamond:
Dynamic Compression Video – PJ and Ura  

Have a look at the resources above, watch the video, and then as I said go and attend a Business Training with your partner. Whether or not someone wants to be fully involved in the business with their Wellness Advocate partner, it’s so helpful if you understand the business so your partner can share with you their experiences and the business issues they might be mulling over and have a somewhat educated sounding board.


It takes two to three years to build a really solid Diamond Business and to get to Blue Diamond where the abundance is far beyond what a family needs to live and can go towards supporting dreams, causes, and helping you truly move into embodying your soul’s purpose without the stress and constraints that come from the world of a J O B.

My wife and I had some capital behind us, so I made the decision to join her in the business at Platinum. If a partner has the desire to retire from their former career and join their wife or husband in the business full time, I would recommend leaving it until a mature Diamond business, or a Blue Diamond business.

There are very few partners that do not ultimately take up this option.

Your job becomes to work together as a couple inspiring your team of thousands of people (ours just reached 3,000 last week), and travelling together enjoying working in a community that makes our heart sing.

We run our calendar as we see fit. We rise late, because we are night owls, and we set appointments when it suits us. We go on holidays for as many weeks a year as we want, and now that our leaders are between Silver and Gold they are very capable and don’t need us to be there all the time. That said we mainly run our business by phone and messenger, so last month we were running our business variously from Egypt, Italy, Amsterdam, and the UK. If you have wifi you can run your business.

Next Steps

Partners, I hope I have been able to provide a little information to ease some of your concerns, and to lift you a little up the curve on understanding the business and what your partner is engaged with.

I can sincerely tell you this is the lowest risk business opportunity I have been involved with in my life. I worked for 12 years in biotech and medical devices where you raise millions of dollars, spend it on R&D and Market Development, bust your gut to 10 years, and a return may or may not come.

In dōTERRA if I invest an hour today in inviting a friend to a class, I will get a return when they enrol in the lifetstyle supporting their health and wellness, and join our community. Our retention stats say that 65% to 70% will be with us to 5 years and well beyond. That kind of return for hours invested in a business is very rare, both in how quickly the success milestone is achieved (enrolment), and in the longevity of the return.

There are a few things that partners can do to continue to develop their understanding so they can be a support to their Wellness Advocate Partner:

  1. Both of you go and meet your Enroller Upline, and their Upline and so on, until you are spending time with Diamonds and above who you can both learn from. Having those relationships will be invaluable for mentoring, and for guidance when things get difficult, and there will at points on your journey be some challenging times.
  2. Attend Business Trainings together. Not just once. The knowledge to succeed in this business lands in layers. No-one can absorb it all in one sitting, and no leader can cover all the necessary content in one session.
  3. Read and use the Share Success content. It absolutely works and it show you what materials you need to work with to train your team. There are so many resources there from the Live Guide for use in Wellness Consults, to the Build Guide, the Share Guide, the Launch Guide, and the multitude of Guide Books for what’s necessary to gain your next rank. It is all on their website free, and you can buy them in printed book form in blocks of 20 for very little to give to your team.
  4. Go to Convention with your partner. Eric Worre one of the most respected voices in Direct Sales in his book ‘Go-Pro‘ says attending Convention is the number one thing that differentiates people who will succeed from those who won’t, and I could not agree more and we see it in our team. The same principle applies to partners. Nowhere else will you get more belief that your partner is involved in something worthwhile, and get the belief to be able to support them, and even be advocating yourself with your own friends. You cannot experience the Owners of dōTERRA and not be moved, and understand that you are part of something bigger than you.
  5. Join the Facebook Groups where our respective teams share about oils and share about the business.
  6. Finally feel free to read all of my blogs on creating success in the dōTERRA business. This is one of many.

Like anything this business is something that requires some focus to create success. For a couple the best thing you can do is have empathy and love for one another, decide you are in it together, and stay the course. The only mistake you can make is to give up. Stay at it, get mentoring, do the self development, and success will come, and it will be success on a level rarely seen in life.

Wellness Advocates, have love and empathy for your partner. If they are not fully in yet in terms of belief, treat this like a test with imparting belief to one of your team members. If they are not engaged yet, your job is to give them a reason to believe. If that isn’t working, maybe it’s a sign that your own belief is still emerging, so go back to Andy Goddard’s Belief Pyramid from the video above and do the work, and use your oils. Inspire them as you must with your team, don’t brow beat them, it doesn’t work any better on partners than it does on team.

I look forward to seeing many more couples at Convention. Please come and say Hi!

Ura P Auckland
Diamond Leader with Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall,
Writer & Authentic Essential Oil Entrepreur
Earth Spirit Pathways

Image Attributions:

  1. Listening to Man Skeptical Thoughtful Afghan Face by MaxPixel under license by CC(0)
  2. Rank Diagram from Share Success Build Guide
  3. Volume Graph – screen shot by Ura P Auckland


  1. Thankyou so much for taking the time to write this Ura.
    I look forward to sharing this with my husband.
    I am very blessed to say he is in full support of my doTerra journey. He attended the Aust convention this year and was able to meet Dr Hill.
    I believe he also has a man crush for him haha.
    Thankyou again to both you and PJ for sharing your story at Leadership and OneTree and I send love and blessings as you embark further on your doTerra journey
    (I am under the wonderful guidance of Leonie Featherstone ) I know God certainly guided us to her.
    Xx K

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Truly excellent Ura. As the founder and former CEO of an international engineering company, I have rarely read a clearer explanation in summary and context of what this business model entails.
    Well done.

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