Placements Part 2 – The Human Element

The greatest challenge with placements of your Personal Enrollments in doTERRA is that you have 14 days to decide where the person you are enrolling will be placed in your Tree of Love (as our dear upline Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens coined it).

14 days is not long to make an assessment of the human element of the placement decision.2017-01-04-green-eyes-240-pixels

The 14 Day Move

When you enrol someone you must place them under someone in your tree who becomes their Sponsor. You then have 14 days to decide whether that is where you want to leave that person, or to come to a considered decision that they will be best placed somewhere else.

My advice is to make the initial placement one of two ways.

  1. If there are too many unknowns to make a decision as you are enrolling them, then place them on your front line, and then use your 14 day move to make a final placement once you have had a chance to better assess the situation.
  2. If it is clear to you where to place them, and if you have had the obligatory talk to your upline about placement, then you can place them directly where you have agreed they should go.

In the second case you still have 14 days to make a move if you absolutely must. Please be careful here though, once the Sponsor in your tree has received the gift of an enrollment being placed in their leg of your tree, they will be excited, and if you later move that person back out you will negatively impact their emotions and possibly your relationship.

Please do yourself a favour with anyone you don’t place right away, and set a calendar reminder or put their review on your task list so you don’t forget. We have far too many leaders who have enrolled someone on their front line, and the 14 days have slipped past before they’ve remembered to consider a move.

To make the assessment about where to place the person you have enrolled, one of the biggest determinants is who they are as a person, and understanding what kind of a relationship they want with you and doTERRA.

For your reference, you actually execute the 14 day move in a screen you access from the Team Tab on the Back Office, titled ‘Sponsor Changes’ and which when you go into it shows you all of the people you have personally enrolled (i.e. You are recorded as the Enroller) who are still within 14 days of being enrolled and can be moved. This screen also tells you how many days you have left.

Living, Sharing or Building?

Firstly you are going to want to decide if this person is someone who is likely to just want to live with the oils and enjoy them supporting their family with the many benefits that come from using the oils (Living), or whether they have already fallen in love with the oils and were calling their sister on the way out the door of the class (Sharing), or finally whether they have seen what you have in the business and were already writing their list of front line leaders they are going to call tomorrow (Building).

The reality is you don’t get many people who present as Builders in a Class. Most often a builder is someone who first falls in love with the oils, then finds that they can’t shut up and hold back from sharing them, and then realises that building is an amazing and abundant lifestyle. You can approach some people directly with the business opportunity, but only a couple of our business leaders came from that path.

So what you need to do is have some qualifying conversations with the enrollee as you are enrolling them, be it at the end of a class or in a 1:1. We always cover the business opportunity in a 1:1 or a class. In an Essential Oils Intro Class it’s a minute or two from the 60 to 90 minutes we spend with them. 99% of people are struggling with abundance, so a simple explanation that for us it is the income that makes up for the fact that having 5 to 10 million dollars to retire on and maintain lifestyle is difficult to achieve by conventional employment. As we are enrolling we ask them whether they see themselves Living, Sharing, or Building. Their answers, their energy, and their actions will help you understand them.

One thing that has become clearer to Pj and I as we have gone further along the path in this business is that there are many people who define themselves as Builders who really are Sharers or Mega-Sharers, which is OK because we need them, and their passion for the Essential Oils can spread far, but it’s a different thing to embracing the business. Getting to Diamond or beyond does take focus, commitment, and someone fueled by their own ‘Why’ that can power them to achieve it.

Believe Actions & Energy Before Words

The best guide we have seen to a person’s level of interest is the actions they take. Many people will tell you they’d like to build, even that they want to go all the way to Diamond or beyond, but a majority of people leave a gap between their words, and their actions. The best guide as to whether someone will succeed in the business and is worth taking a punt on to put them in a key position is if they very quickly start taking action, reaching out to you for more information, sharing with friends almost immediately, reading things online and coming to you with questions, and sharing online about their experiences.

Generations of leaders have coined the term ‘walking towards you’. It means that rather than you having to chase someone to get them interested, they are walking towards you, reaching out to you instead.

We learn to value actions far more than words, as words are cheap.

It is a common trait of new leaders to fall in love with people’s potential. There are so many people we all come across who could be extraordinary at this business if they wanted it. If these people who we have such high hopes for actually utter some words that give us hope that they might build, we are already throwing a Diamond Celebration Party in our head. We have seen time and again in our own enrollees and those of our team, it is a long road from uttering some words, to moving into action, and to sustaining the journey and pushing through the early road blocks.

We work with and place in key positions the people who very early show us with their energy and their actions that they are walking towards us, and want this for themselves. You see, it is that want, that even if they don’t know it yet, demonstrates they have their own ‘Why’, as defined by the beautiful work of Simon Sinek. Their why is the fuel in their tank, and that is the fuel that makes them self driven leaders, versus people you need to drive. These self driven people are the ones you want to choose for key leadership positions in your business, which creates a solid foundation for you to build a massive Presidential Diamond business upon as I outlined in this blog on setting the right foundations.

The Wellness Consult & Check In

A great opportunity to get to check in with your new enrollee is to offer them a Wellness Consult. Vanessa Jean and Paul Ovens coined the phrase ‘The protocol is’ and it’s a protocol we use and recommend to all of our team. As we are completing the enrollment form, we say to the enrollee, “The protocol is that when your oils arrive, we will come and sit down with you and outline how you use the oils safely, and how to use them with your family”.

We do need to make sure people know how to use the oils safely, and when we take the time to sit down with them and use the Live Guide from Share Success, that includes a protocol for a Wellness Consult, we get the opportunity to help them meet their family’s needs and to help them truly embrace the doTERRA lifestyle, including understanding the value of the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Coming back to placements, the wellness consult is a great opportunity if scheduled within the person’s first 14 days to also revisit the question of Living, Sharing, or Building. You can spend an hour or two with them, and many times their enthusiasm has expanded since the class and you can talk about sharing through a class with their friends or expand into a discussion on the Business. We always take a Share Success Build Guide with us in case the discussion opens up in that direction.

Your conversation at the Wellness Consult gives you a great touch point to invest in them, and that investment builds the trust for you to have a free-flowing conversation with them that can guide your decision about placement. Again here though tune into their energy and the actions they are making, and firm commitments that are making more than the words.

The Wellness Consult can be done face to face, online using Zoom or Skype, or by phone.

Trust & Resonance

One of the factors that makes working with your leaders simple and an absolute joy is when there is trust and that feeling of being soul tribe with one another.

If you are looking for a leader and you get someone walking towards you, and there is trust that to me is a massive tick for embracing them as a potential front line leader.

If there is trust you can move so quickly together. There is no convincing, communication is not onerous or drawn out, and you can almost function together as one.

If an enrollee does not feel like someone you want for your front line, or if your next front line leader is not your current priority, then putting them somewhere that they will resonate with the people in that leg is ideal.

If you are truly building a pipeline business then you want a person you are placing to be able to be served in part by the people you are placing them with. For that to work, they are going to need to be able to get along. The likelihood is that an emotionally mature, self aware person can get along with just about anyone.

The reality of life though is that all of us are somewhere on a continuum of self awareness and development, and those earlier on the continuum can have challenges with interactions with others. In time if people really do the inner work that this business puts you in front of, they will progress on the continuum, but not everyone progresses quickly and some people (who probably wouldn’t take the time to read something like this) don’t realise that there is a continuum.

At times in this business you need cooperation between people. The last thing you need is two people who can’t get along, and who start getting in the way of success for one another.

When you do make a placement in one of your leader’s team, please reach out to them, and honor them with a conversation about the person you are placing. Agree the expectations, which may be that you as enroller are planning to look after them, or which might be that the expectation is that for the gift of volume, you are asking this leader to play a part. Enrollments gifted after a conversation are generally very much appreciated. Enrollments that show up without any discussion tend not to be appreciated and can be ignored or even cause ill-feeling.

In Summary

Eventually crunch time comes, and the 14 days is up. By 14 days we need to have come to a conclusion about where to place our enrollee.

You need to have a conversation with your Silver or above upline (or a Diamond if it might be a very strategic placement like a front line leader) as we outlined in Part 1 of this blog series.

The factors you and your upline will weigh up will be many, and today’s blog adds one element, the human element, to the analysis. There are more parts to this blog series coming in the days ahead.

In summary you will weigh up whether they are walking towards you, whether they are Living, Sharing or Building, how that relationship and trust feels, and who are the people they would resonate with in your team, along with how they can best be served which will be the subject of a separate post.

There is a lot to weigh up and I look forward to pulling all of those factors together in the rest of this series.

Ura P Auckland
Diamond Leader with Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall,
Writer & Authentic Essential Oil Entrepreur
Earth Spirit Pathways

Image Attributions : ‘IMG_0192‘ by ‘Lucky Lynda‘ on Flikr is licensed under CC by 2.0

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